Agile Development TeamWe are building an e-learning platform that embraces the latest concepts of collaborative, team-based learning.  Our cloud-based solution allows anyone to teach any subject to any student, no matter where teachers or students are located.

Because it is native to the cloud, our application is device independent, and there is no software to install.  Our platform supports any browser that supports the full HTML5 specification; currently that means Chrome, FireFox, and shortly we will extend support to Edge and Safari.

We are developing this platform using the most stable, easily maintainable technology stack, with the front with ReactJS.  Students will be able to learn from desktops, tablets, and eventually even smartphones.

Some of the key features developed for our initial release include:

  • Audio/Video conferencing with up to 30 concurrent users (100 in broadcast mode)
  • Real-time whiteboard built using the Google Realtime API
  • Google Drive integration
  • Google Sheets/Docs integration
  • Presentations that the entire class can add to in real time
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Call into a meeting/class by phone using Twilio

Please contact us at sales@cloudversify.com for more details, and to schedule a demo of our e-learning platform.